What is Power Intern?

Power Intern is a mentorship program for interns in companies.
Based on a company’s needs, our program will match that company with a senior professional from another company, who will hand pick the right intern to do the job.

Throughout the program, the senior professional will mentor the intern resulting in:

  • increasing the overall quality of the company’s product
  • ensuring the creative sparring of the intern
  • making the internship more successful!


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Do you want to get new expertise into your company? Don’t you know how to utilize an intern? Are you afraid you’ll waste time and money getting an intern?

At Power Intern one of our senior design mentors will help you identify your actual design needs and find the perfect intern to do all the heavy lifting under his/her guidance.

Currently we are still running our pilot programs, but there is a fee each month the intern is working at your company.


Would you like an internship, where you get a responsible role, and at the same time receive guidance from one of the leading designers in the industry?

Power Intern will match you with a relevant company and at the same time team you up with a personal mentor who will guide and mentor you during the internship.

Our Digital Design Power Mentors

They are super qualified, and Power Intern will make the best match for you

Guntis Rusa

Guntis Rusa

UI/UX Designer

Design process mentoring, how to work across different teams. Tools: Sketch and Adobe CC. Product design UI and UX. User research. Branding and marketing design.

Work Experience: AW Media, TEDxKEA, MentorDanmark, Peakon

Dora Kortha

Dora Kortha

Digital Art Director

Dora Kontha is an Art Director specialized in digital design, visual communication and user experience. Over the last 5 years, she has worked as a creative across identity, branding and digital for clients ranging from small independents to Fortune 500 companies.

Dora holds degrees in Communication (Bachelor), Aesthetics (Master), Multimedia Design & Digital Concept Development (Bachelor). She has gained work experience both in Denmark, USA and Hungary and worked for clients like SAP, GE, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Microsoft and Danske Bank.

Specialties: Digital Design, Art direction, Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Interface, User Experience, Concept Development, Infographics and Illustration.

Martin Nicolai Sandholt

Martin Nicolai Sandholt

Lead Frontend Designer

Lead Frontend Designer at momondo

I have early stage startup experience and know how to scale up design teams.
Strong systematic thinking + prototyping skills.

Work Experience: momondo, Conferize, Hello Group, DOCCENTRA ApS, WDV STUDIO

Matilde Aaskjær Juul Christensen

Matilde Aaskjær Juul Christensen

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Graphics Designer & Illustrator at Juulstudio & Titi Learning

Finished my Bachelor of Graphic Communication june 2016 from the School of Visual Communication in Haderslev with 6 months of internship in Amsterdam at the webdesign bureau Grrr. Experience with advertising, SoMe, exhibition graphics and editorial design.

My passion is first, to communicate through graphic design and to put my own touch on each assignment and second, companies with social impact and to see a brands opportunity to market themselves correctly for their customers.

I can create brand identities that target the right customers and tells the right story of the company. I’ve worked with companies on branding and re-branding, as well as both online and offline graphic design in various assignments.

Work Experience: Juulstudio, Titi Learning, Nord Verlag – Neue nordische Literatur auf Deutsch, Alinea, Grrr

Christian Laumark

Christian Laumark

Visual Game Developer

Game designer with a foundation in communication design. Specialising in developing visual concepts for video games

Game design disciplines: Level design (Unity), 3D modelling (Blender), texturing, rigging, animation, concept art, basic programming

Work Experience: Northplay, PortaPlay A/S, Kolding Kommune

Mikolaj Matyaszczyk

Mikolaj Matyaszczyk

Digital Creative Designer

I’ve been working with many large companies tackling digital transformation and employee engagement. I can provide insides on how old, well-established businesses work and how they can benefit from introducing diverse design teams into their structure. User experience and design thinking are fundamental in order to transform giants businesses and prepare them for the future.
Professionally I’ve been working with larger companies and corporations, but I don’t mind working with startups as that’s quite exciting.

Work Experience: DFDS, Penguin Zeppelin, BridgeIT, Rosendahl Design Group A/S, Tealure

Casper Klenz-Kitenge

Casper Klenz-Kitenge

Creative Director

Creative Director at Pilot Aps

Company owner, 12 yrs exp. in new media, tech startups and e-commerce

Work Experience: Pilot, Wallo

Adam Heleniak

Adam Heleniak

Senior User Experience Designer

Senior User Experience Designer at GN Hearing A/S
Work Experience: Oticon, GN ReSound, Bonnier Publications A/S

I am passionate about User Experience. My career goal is to design meaningful products and services that have positive impact on people’s lives. I am able to independently drive the digital design projects from A to Z. While working for big healthcare companies I have learnt how to engage stakeholders and build ground for creating great user experiences.

I use my UX skills throughout the design & development process:
-identification of problems & business goals (user research, interviews, observation)
-engagement of stakeholders (presentation of concepts, storytelling, co-creation workshops)
-designing solutions (sketching, wireframing, prototyping)
-usability testing

*I am both thinker & doer.
*I am curious and love working on complex problems.
*I can navigate between the needs of the organisation and the technical possibilities/constraints.

Sarper Erel

Sarper Erel

Product Designer

Product Designer at TwentyThree™

Developing concepts, stories and executing meaningful user experiences through simple, yet delightful user interfaces for digital products. Graduate of Hyper Island.

Work experience: Twenty Three, Research in Motion, Hyper Island

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Customer Experience Consultant

Customer Experience Consultant, Specifii

I can help you get the insight and improve the customer experience. Get strategies from neuroscience, psychology and rhetoric to create innovative UX, help customers achieve their goals, improve the customer experience.

Experienced in:
» Customer and User Experience expert
» Customer journeys
» Persuasive Design
» Personas
» Customer and User insight
» Customer engagement

Work Experience: Specifii, University of Copenhagen, Telenor DK

Julie Ravn

Julie Ravn

Digital Designer

Digital Designer at /et al.

A great design is targeted towards the user. A great designer creates products that do not only work for the company, but also produce a certain aesthetic feeling in the end-user. This is what I do best, and what makes me a great designer

Work experience: -et al., hummel, Silkeborg Data

Leigh Gamon

Leigh Gamon

Service and UX Designer

Service and UX Designer

I am a User Experience Designer with a passion for solving real world problems using Design Thinking strategies. Within the discipline of User Experience I have perfectly merged my love of seamless, strategic functionality and precision in the creative and craft of a product or service. I’ve led Experience Design on projects within the Telecommunication, Financial, Automotive and Advertising industries. Alongside this I have started my own industry event, run HCD courses and used up a ton of post-it notes.

Work experience: CHE Proximity, The Collaborative Agency, Milestone Systems

Martin Rytter Schmidt

Martin Rytter Schmidt

Experience Design Manager

Experience Design Manager at PFA

It sounds cliché, but it’s true; it drives me to create helpful, responsible change – on a global scale. As products, services and experiences merge I pride myself on my ability to pioneer and take responsibility for humanity-centered design from the earliest stage. Though young at age, I’m an experienced co-creator of end to end business viable concepts – with physical and digital touch points. In an otherwise fast paced world, I am the playful techie designing for long term needs over immediate wants.

Work experience: PFA, Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt, LEGO, YouSee



Join us as Mentor

We at Power Intern are always looking for experienced professionals
to mentor our interns and guide our companies.


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30th August, 2018
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